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MarketLauncher pre-qualifies leads and converts them to an appointment when timing, need and interest are aligned.

Make sure your team focuses only on prospects who are most likely to move forward into the sales pipeline with MarketLauncher’s B2B appointment setting services. Here’s how it works:

  • The MarketLauncher team conducts all of the direct phone and email follow up necessary to reach prospects who have been exposed to your message, beginning a meaningful dialogue.
  • Our Sales Development Specialists engage with these decision makers and collect intel, pre-qualifying leads based on specific criteria that identifies them as a potential sales opportunity.
  • Our team books a meeting with targets when timing, need and interest have aligned.

Case Study: Penetrating a Highly Competitive New Market

The Client

A global mobile network provider with game changing products which enable seamless connectivity across multiple countries around the world.

The Need

After establishing their own global network, the Client turned to MarketLauncher to help launch the service and create demand in the U.S. Specifically, the MarketLauncher team was tasked with identifying multinational companies operating in the U.S. and doing business around the world, especially within the Client’s geographic sweet spot (U.S., U.K., Australia, the Netherlands, Hong Kong, Germany, Poland and Spain).

The Experience

Global mobile providers (and associated regulations and costs) can be a complex world. The MarketLauncher team quickly mastered the Client’s value proposition and unique selling points and was able to articulate the benefits of their unique service as effectively as the Client’s own sales people. Weekly reports detailing the results from the outreach enabled sales and marketing stakeholders to stay focused on their target metrics and kept the executive team in the loop on progress. The Client described MarketLauncher as a “true extension of our growing team.”

The Impact

The Client’s primary objectives were to penetrate this highly competitive market through a high-volume outreach campaign. The MarketLauncher team helped the client generate brand awareness in the U.S. market, and converted an average of 100 pre-qualified sales appointments per month over a 12-month period, many with name-brand prospects, which helped drive consistent growth of their sales pipeline.


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More Examples of MarketLauncher’s B2B Appointment Setting Services

Finding and getting in front of more qualified prospects

A venture-funded software analytics and intelligence company wanted to accelerate new business growth and needed a mechanism for building brand awareness, harvesting the target market, and creating both long-term and short-term new business opportunities. The MarketLauncher team developed a fully integrated outreach program designed to increase awareness, identify prospective new customers and accelerate the current sales process. During an annual program, the MarketLauncher team booked 120 new business meetings with high-level Fortune 1000 executives, averaging 20 per month.

Targeting high-level decision makers

Working with a business lab & CEO community that elevates the focus and success of its member CEOs, MarketLauncher has developed an aggressive campaign that targets CEOs in mid-size companies across the nation. Leveraging the client’s thought leadership content, the MarketLauncher team is able to get a CEO’s attention and then convert prospects to a new business meeting after pre-qualifying on specific criteria. Every month the MarketLauncher team focuses on 500 leads and books appointments with 5 to 10 of the most qualified.

Maximizing an annual campaign

MarketLauncher worked with a leading supplier of commodities management software, systems and services. The client provided integrated front-, middle-, and back-office solutions to traders, trading management, purchasing, and IT offices at major oil companies, investment banks, shipping concerns, energy companies, utilities, and other trading organizations around the world. Over the course of an annual program, the MarketLauncher team booked more than 100 sales appointments with VP-level executives.

Customizing for a niche industry

MarketLauncher promoted a client’s solution designed to improve operating efficiency, production scheduling, inventory management and automated order entry for a dealer network. The MarketLauncher team consistently provided an ongoing prospect pipeline within a niche industry. Through timely contact, the program allowed the client to introduce their offering to prospective buyers and ensure fewer missed opportunities when prospects were ready to review solutions.

Consistent cycling to identify potential clients

A highly-regarded organizational and operational consulting firm worked with MarketLauncher to establish an ongoing lead generation process aimed at identifying companies that were contemplating quality and process improvements in their core manufacturing, healthcare and retail segments.