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MarketLauncher helps you find and nurture a larger audience of potential buyers instead of waiting for them to find you.

Through research and outbound, the MarketLauncher team can build an audience of the right decision makers which becomes a leverageable asset you can use to drive better results across all of your marketing efforts.

Case Study: Building an Audience and Navigating a Dynamic Market

The Client

A leadership development firm that designs and develops unique education and communication programs for organizations all over the world.

The Need

The Client partnered with MarketLauncher because they needed outside expertise in three critical areas related to their sales efforts:

  • Concentrating the efforts of their Sales Directors on interacting with warm leads rather than cold calling.
  • Keeping up with changing decision makers and other dynamics in the target audience, and maintaining prospect lists on an ongoing basis to reflect those changes.
  • Crafting and refining the marketing message in response to the changing dynamics of the corporate education market.

The Experience

MarketLauncher researched and developed prospect lists while continually updating contact information and nurturing them over time. The MarketLauncher team was also able to advise the Client on the viability of various purchased lists based on accurately measured outcomes — a focused, data-driven approach to list evaluation.

The Client relied on MarketLauncher to make adjustments as necessary to their messaging in response to results the team gathered from testing multiple messages with their target audiences.

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The Impact

The leads the MarketLauncher team generated in the first year resulted in over $2 million in new revenue for the client.

“We have leaned heavily on MarketLauncher to help us with our lead generation because it is so time consuming. They stay aware of the trends and shifts in our industry and help us develop strategies to answer these challenges. Also, MarketLauncher is incredibly responsive, and always extremely timely and accurate with updates. I can’t think of any one time that we ever had to wait on them for anything.”
– Director of Sales Operations, Leadership Development Firm

More Examples of MarketLauncher Audience Development

Using email to increase site traffic and generate leads

A Silicon Valley full-service provider of embedded systems design services posted a blog promoting an off-beat invention that demonstrated the firm’s expertise. MarketLauncher sent out an email to an active database of the client’s target market promoting the blog. A call-to-action response resulted in 9 meetings booked with new business prospects. In addition, the day the email went out a new record was set for daily traffic on the client’s site.

Turning webinars into lead generators

A MarketLauncher client specializing in new product innovation implemented industry-specific webinars as part of their growth strategy. The team worked on a two-fold effort to support their webinars:

  • Pre-promoted the webinar to gain attendees
  • Conducted post-follow up with all registrants/attendees

The strategy resulted in doubling the lead generation conversion ratio for the year, meaning deeper market penetration and more qualified sales leads for the client.

Inviting the “real” decision makers to digital events

A large multi-media conglomerate was about to release a major study to the retail banking industry. Despite releasing this study annually, the client had never been able to penetrate mid-market companies, which they saw as a key opportunity for growth. The MarketLauncher team developed and executed a program in seven business days to capitalize on a webinar already scheduled for the following week. The program was designed to build and verify a list of 300 contacts with purchasing power. The result was the highest attended webinar in company history PLUS immediate sales opportunities generated with interested prospects.

MarketLauncher is very strategic in their approach to evaluating our total addressable market. They are very good at adjusting their message and revising the list as a result of the feedback they are hearing. Plus, the insights they gather are communicated back to us. This helps our team focus on the best potential opportunities."
– Sr. Channel Marketing Manager, ERP Software Provider
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