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MarketLauncher, Inc. is a boutique, business-development consulting firm specializing in lead generation and market research for professional service firms and technology solution providers. Founded in May of 2001, the firm’s focus has remained consistent in helping clients identify and exploit growth opportunities.

“ML is focused, professional and responsive, and they are good listeners, too. That’s the way I try and run my business, so I Iike that about ML.”

-Managing Director, Global Tax and Business Advisory Firm

The firm has grown rapidly and has worked with 150 client companies nationwide. ML’s clients target high-level executives within every corner of the B2B sector including:

  • Small to mid-size
  • Fortune 500/1000 and Global 2000
  • Specialty markets including hospitals, universities and government

The firm is headquartered in Orlando, FL, but has a presence worldwide including representatives throughout the United States and an international team handling EMEA and APAC markets.

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