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Prospecting Playbook: Capture More Revenue from Your FANS-base

Ebook Cover

For most companies, your greatest potential revenue source comes from existing customers. This includes former clients and relationships with individuals who have gone on to new companies that meet your ideal client profile. At ML, we describe this base as our FANS (Former Account, New Success).

“I regularly review client websites / news pages – this is a good place to view before a call. What are they talking about that you can reference? If it’s there, it’s important to them and should be important to you when calling.” – Dyan Klein, Vice President of Business Development

To help you maximize your FANS-base sales and marketing efforts, this Playbook includes:

  1. A process outline that includes the steps to take to keep ongoing outreach and communication aimed at this valuable lead source.
  2. Best practices for engaging with former customers, specifically tips on maximizing the output and avoiding wasted effort.
  3. Metrics to forecast the amount of activity needed to achieve a desired goal.
"I apply my writing skills to break down complex thoughts and ideas into simple language designed to engage and encourage activity between clients and their prospects."  – Stephen Kirkpatrick, Sales Content Manager


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