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Marketlauncherteam member
Mary Alice
Data Manager
Bochum, Germany
“The remote work environment at MarketLauncher allows me to apply my professional experience and education to assist clients in using the data to make sound business decisions.”
Work Experience
Joined ML in 2010
Career Began in 1991
Master of Business Administration (Marketing) from Case Western Reserve University; Bachelor of Administration (International Relations / Spanish) from Mount Holyoke College

About Mary Alice Renners

Mary Alice has worked in a variety of roles at ML. Her current Data Manager role requires that she harness and interpret data to recognize patterns that create actionable insight. She contributes to account team support by providing high-level expertise in list and database development and client reporting and metrics. She feels a great sense of accomplishment when she has impacted a client’s business growth. 

Prior to ML she was employed by BP Oil where the portfolio of consumer products she managed resulted in $20 million in annual revenue for the energy giant. 

Based in Germany, she is an integral part of ML’s EMEA team and speaks German and Spanish (having lived in Germany, Spain, and Mexico). She is an avid reader and enjoys traveling and spending time with her family. 

“My role requires critical thinking, data visualization, and collaboration with the team to ensure that clients have the most accurate, clean, and robust data. Then, I take the data and turn it into a clear, concise, and compelling narrative. I enjoy interpreting the data to tell a story that helps clients make informed decisions.” 
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