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Kati Bannish

Kati Bannish

Sales Development Specialist

Boston, MA

A self-starter and enthusiastic team member dedicated to delivering results for clients with patience and persistence.

Subject Matter Expertise:

Pharmaceutical, Insurance, Financial


  • Kati is an intuitive and observant sales professional who capitalizes on asking the right questions and listening to build long lasting relationships. 
  • She is responsive and takes communication very seriously - whether written or verbal, Kati knows that high-level communication builds trust and confidence with her clients and team members. 

Kati is highly organized, has a passion for customer service and thrives in a fast-paced environment.  She is dedicated to helping each client reach their goals and achieve continued growth. When not working or busy with her 3 boys, she loves to read and go to  her favorite beach. Kati graduated from the University of Maryland and is currently serving on the U of M Alumni Association. 


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