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Marketlauncherteam member
Client Services Manager
Greenville/Spartanburg, SC
Work Experience
Joined ML in February 2022
Career Began in 2004
Bachelor of Science (Interdisciplinary Studies) from Southeast Missouri State University.

About Anna Wilferth

Anna brings almost two decades of sales and management experience as a business development leader, top sales performer, coach, and manager to ML and our clients. A natural problem solver and solution finder, Anna uses data and metrics to help her assign, define and refine goals.  

For 15 years before joining ML, Anna managed one of the top sales agencies in the US. She has a natural ability to connect personally and authentically with her colleagues and clients, which goes far beyond the point of sale and says that these relationships are what make working in sales and business development so rewarding.  

Anna graduated from Southeast Missouri State University in Cape Girardeau, MO, with a BS in Interdisciplinary Studies and a concentration in Biology, Psychology and Nutrition. Anna has an eagerness to learn and research different topics to share with others. She believes in kindness, honesty, and the appreciation of beauty and never holds back a well-deserved compliment. When not helping clients meet their sales goals, Anna can be found managing her short-term rental property, and exploring the hiking trails and vineyards around the Pacific Northwest. She is on the Membership Committee for Common House, Chattanooga, TN. 

“In my role as the client services manager, I stay focused on what I do best which is closely working with clients and remaining goal oriented. I invest time in understanding a client's goals for their organization and work collaboratively with the talented teams at ML, including our market researchers, data analysts, and content writers. Recently, I was given a book about the African philosophy Ubuntu and believe it describes how at MarketLauncher we work collaboratively with the client so we can all succeed. Ubuntu translates to "I am because we are."
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