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Inbound leads become sales opportunities when they are properly developed and move deeper into the lead funnel.

MarketLauncher applies a human touch to the process of developing inbound leads, using seasoned, highly-skilled sales development specialists to follow up directly with prospects who are interacting with your content.

The MarketLauncher team covers the full range of the funnel to nurture leads:

  1. Top of the funnel: Defining the addressable market and using outbound to find the right stakeholders, collect intel to establish the right fit and generating exposure to your content.
  2. Middle of the funnel: Managing drip campaigns or following up on warm leads who have come in from other channels; developing those leads to move them forward if they are ready to enter the buying cycle; or nurturing them if they are still early stage.
  3. Bottom of the funnel: Prequalifying and setting appointments with leads that are sales ready.
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