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Tori van der Geest

Senior Sales Development Specialist


A naturally inquisitive and creative top achiever who effortlessly balances the challenge of meeting goals with being able to pivot and adjust to the changing needs of her clients.

Subject Matter Expertise:

Healthcare, Radiology, Medical and Insurance Sales

  • Graduated from the University of Arkansas with Bachelor of Science in Radiology 

  • Tori is the expert when it comes to problem solving and providing viable solutions. For her, customer satisfaction is every bit as rewarding as the resolve and with over 15 years in medical and healthcare sales she understands what it takes to break through the noise in professional office settings to achieve the objective of each call.
  • As a former business owner, Tori possesses an entrepreneurial spirit that allows her to empathize with both prospect and client and is a contributing factor in maximizing productivity for both ML and the clients we serve.  

When Tori is not working, she allows time to channel some of her creative energies into hobbies such as reading, gardening, yoga and learning to speak the Dutch language.  With dual citizenship in the US and The Netherlands, she and her husband hope to soon be able to share their time equally between both countries and continue to  travel around the globe.