Heidi Hacker

Sales Development Specialist

Portland, OR

18-year B2B sales veteran with experience at organizations ranging from Schering-Plough to Paramount Pictures

Subject Matter Expertise:

Pharmaceutical, Learning & Development, Real Estate, Software

Heidi has B2B sales experience with a strong emphasis in pharma and has worked with:

  • Schering-Plough, Inc.
  • Sepracor, Inc.
  • Astellas Pharma US
  • Celltech Pharmaceuticals

She joined MarketLauncher in 2014 to apply a consultative approach across a wider range of industries. She believes successful prospecting requires researching the past history of a potential buyer, choosing the right approach and then succinctly capturing their attention once they engage to quickly identify a need.  “A good communicator has to be a good listener.”

Heidi also:

  • Holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from California Polytechnic Pomona University
  • Managed sales territories, was involved with launching new product lines, also trained a national sales force on Professional Selling Skills and AIM Computer Program
  • Is fluent in Spanish
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