Remote Work at Its Finest

Is there a way to make telecommuting a win-win? We at MarketLauncher believe there is. In fact, we’ve built our business on the very idea. We have no physical location. Instead, we’ve created a unique virtual environment for our firm where everyone works from their own home-based office.

But what about efficiency, collaboration and everything else that makes a company tick?

Not to worry, we’ve set up a specific infrastructure to meet our employees’, and clients’, needs. For example, each employee is equipped with a phone line, high speed internet and remote access to a shared server environment so project teams can work effectively together on assigned accounts. We hold meetings via video conferencing and use email and phone calls extensively to communicate and disseminate information. And with our team collaboration site, project members share objectives, brainstorm ideas, ask for help or feedback, and engage in the occasional water cooler chit chat you’d find in any other office.

Most importantly, MarketLauncher is not a large call-center, telemarketing operation. Rather, we take a consultative approach to lead prospecting and sales for clients who operate in complex sales environments. Because of what we do, ML consultants come from a variety of backgrounds and average 15-20 years or more in consultative sales or influential marketing positions.

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MarketLauncher is an Equal Opportunity Employer. If you have a disability and are in need of an accommodation during the application process, please contact us at 321-804-5452

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