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Lori Cotton

Market Research Specialist

Boston, MA

25+ years of experience in intergrated marketing and lead generation

Subject Matter Expertise:

Technology, Software, Marketing

  • Lori's extensive marketing background gives her a natural edge to verify and gather qualifying intel that she can readily share with colleagues and clients. 
  • She is technologically intuitive and when paired with her receptive soft skills, she can easily relate to her customers and provide tangible solutions that align with the platform of her clients. 

Lori is a graduate of Clark University, Worcester, MA and holds both a BA and her MBA in Business Administration.  She is driven to succeed in everything she does and this drive makes it easy for her to adapt and pivot as the market dictates. When she’s not working or chauffeuring her two active children, Lori squeezes in time to read, cook and play with her dogs, Mocha and Pepper.

Boston, Massachusettes