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Marketlauncherteam member
Senior Hybrid Specialist
Pittsburgh, PA
“One of the best things about MarketLauncher is our remote work environment. It allows me to set up my office from anywhere. My kids are very active with sports and working remotely provides me the opportunity to be the best Sales Development/Market Research Specialist for our clients while also ensuring that I can travel and be there for my family. “
Work Experience
Joined ML in September 2018
Career Began in 1991
Bachelor of Science (Marketing) from Indiana University of Pennsylvania
ML Achiever: Sales Training Manager/Senior Sales Specialist
ML Achiever: Sales Training Manager/Senior Sales Specialist
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About Kelly Lane

Kelly has over two decades of sales and marketing experience. She credits analyzing current market conditions and listening to our clients’ preferences in making her successful in helping them reach the right target audience and close deals. In addition, Kelly has vast experience in business development, marketing strategy, and event management to accelerate growth. 

Prior to ML, Kelly ran her own successful business. She also worked for Computer Associates, Paychex, Nationwide Insurance, and Erie Insurance. She assisted past employers in bringing products to market. This includes market research to identify need and then creating and executing on a successful sales strategy.  

She is a mentor to her colleagues at ML (a role she greatly enjoys) and loves proving the value of working with ML to our clients. 

Kelly is actively involved in her community and supports her very active family. She volunteers with Meals on Wheels, loves traveling and vacationing with her family, getting mani/pedis with her daughter, and watching her sons play baseball. In addition, she brings her dog to work with her every day, which, from a remote workforce perspective, means he heads to his bed when she says, “It’s time to go to work.” 

“I was instantly attracted to ML. After reading some ML bio’s I thought “These people get where I’m coming from. They understand that life doesn’t revolve around work but are also passionate about their careers.” Everyone was so like me… professionals who for a variety of reasons wanted the flexibility to apply their expertise on their own schedule. That work hard, play hard culture really attracted me.”
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