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Jessica Thebo

Marketing Sales Coordinator

Denver, Colorado

In her role as Marketing Sales Coordinator for MarketLauncher, Jessica Thebo is an integral part of the business development process, providing support to her team by handling the distribution of marketing emails and promotions to potential prospects, as well as constantly ensuring that databases are up-to-date.

Jessica came to MarketLauncher with nearly a decade of direct marketing experience. She previously worked for Webcom Communications, a worldwide integrated media company serving advanced technology industries. There she began as the Marketing Assistant to the Vice President, and eventually advanced to Marketing Manager, working directly for the CEO. In this capacity, Jessica executed the marketing campaigns for Webcom’s conferences, created company-branded advertisement and logos for direct marketing efforts, and negotiated trade agreements for all of the company’s technology publications.

A graduate of Michigan State University with a degree in Journalism, Jessica was born in Germany and has lived in England, Africa and Australia. She now resides with her husband and two sons in Colorado, and hopes to someday own a boat and retire on the water.

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