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Marketlauncherteam member
Marketing Sales Coordinator
Orlando, FL
Work Experience
Joined ML: September 2021
Sales & Marketing Career Began: 2020
Bachelor of Arts (Advertising – minor in Communication Studies) from University of Alabama

About Hunter Ustaitis

Hunter is a data enthusiast with a strong aptitude for all things technology and a keen sense for creating efficiencies and improving workflows. Former employers include Kennected and SocialX where he obtained an understanding of the sales process and honed his organizational skills. Hunter also created a full media plan for Hyundai Alabama.  

Hunter has a strong ability to capture insights, spot trends, and then communicate his observations in a relatable manner. This is a valuable skill that has proved beneficial to the campaigns on which he is engaged. 

His co-workers describe Hunter as a human “Swiss Army Knife” because he can find solutions to just about any challenge. He prides himself on being on time for meetings and meets deadlines with ease. He is an avid Crimson Tide fan and will find any reason to hang out at the beach. 

“My role is not just about keeping the databases clean and up to date but supporting our sales specialists to ensure they can execute their roles to the highest potential.”