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Christabel Shen

Data Analyst

Irving, TX

As a Data Analyst for the ML Team, Christabel combines her love of compiling data with an expert level of proficiency in being able to tell the story behind the data and provide impactful, business-oriented solutions for our clients.

  • With over 16 years of data reporting and analytics, Christabel is a champion multi-tasker and thrives in a fast- paced environment. Databases and spreadsheets are her “best friends’ but she also delights in translating data sets of all sizes into detailed, client-focused charts and reports and enjoys investigating potential anomalies in trends.
  • Christabel holds both a BA in Operation Management from the University of North Texas and an MBA is Project Management from the University of Dallas Graduate School of Management.
  • Christabel loves working in a virtual environment where she can maximize the presence of work/life balance, When she is not creating and delivering reports, Christabel loves being a busy mom of two and an amatuer baker of decorated cookies,