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Ann Thaxton

Marketing Sales Coordinator

Oklahoma City, OK

A critical thinker with the ability to collect, interpret and report on data findings, Ann is a dynamic member of the sales coordinator team. Her confidence and humility towards her position, only add to her level of expertise in managing all aspects of sales automation tools and technology.


  • Her attentiveness and dedication to success enable her to integrate the finite details of list building and database maintenance with the essence of each specialist to meet and exceed the objectives for client campaigns.
  • Ann is innovative and enthusiastic about learning and always makes sure each client receives the best service. She is flexible and articulate which enables her to easily adapt in our fast-paced environment.

When Ann is not busy chauffeuring her active kids to and from activities or hanging out with her family, you might find her flying the friendly skies – Ann is also the proud owner of a private pilot’s license.

Oklahoma City