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Marketlauncherteam member
Marketing Sales Coordinator
Oklahoma City, OK
Work Experience
Joined ML in April 2021
Career Began in 2001
Bachelor of Arts (Art History with a Marketing minor) from Texas Christian University

About Ann Thaxton

With over two decades of experience as a marketing and advertising professional, Ann is laser-focused on creating value for ML and our clients. She has an incredible ability to utilize sales automation tools and technology to collect, interpret and report on data.  

Ann’s attentiveness and dedication to success support her superior list build and database maintenance responsibilities. Ann is innovative and enthusiastic about learning and makes sure each of our clients receives the best service possible.  

You might find her flying the friendly skies when she is not working or chauffeuring her children, as she is the proud holder of a private pilot’s license. Ann is also an avid traveler and has visited over 15 countries. 

“I am deeply engaged with our clients’ data. I am always on the lookout to identify any data points that we may not be capturing that could provide additional insights and benefits. Also, I always think through how data informs the sales teams watching for ways to improve on that, if possible.”