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MarketLauncher has helped clients execute on various components of their Merger & Acquisition strategy.

For clients considering a potential merger or acquisition, MarketLauncher can provide assessment of the market and analysis of key market intelligence data. There are five key areas where we can impact the overall M&A process:

  1. Research to identify potential targets based on key criteria
  2. Interviews to collect information and develop a short list of preferred targets
  3. Introductory meetings set with selected targets 
  4. Quality Assessment/Due Diligence interviews conducted on the final “candidate(s)”
  5. Market Assessment to determine strategy/resource allocation on acquisition — new business development opportunities identified as a result

By utilizing a proven strategy and intelligence gathered at various points along the way, our clients are able to best ascertain which targets provide the optimum strategic fit.

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How We've Helped Clients Execute Their M&A Strategy

Identifying potential acquisition targets

MarketLauncher worked with a consulting firm that was pursuing an aggressive M&A strategy. The team identified target companies in various regions based on very specific criteria. Through a combination of secondary research and third-party interviews, MarketLauncher identified the companies that represented the best candidates for a potential partnership. The MarketLauncher team then engaged with the selected targets and booked introductory meetings for the client to pursue partnership discussions.

Finding niche business partners

MarketLauncher worked with a leading mid-size CPA firm looking to evaluate options for expanding their international consulting practice through acquisition/partnership. The MarketLauncher team conducted research to identify prospects and conducted in-depth interviews to gain an understanding of capabilities, experience and customer base.

Validating the reputation of a potential target

MarketLauncher worked with a fast growing civil engineering firm as a key member of their merger & acquisition due diligence team. Through in-depth research, the MarketLauncher team built lists of potential acquisition targets and assisted the firm during the due diligence phase by conducting interviews with each potential target company’s past and current client base to confirm their reputation and viability.

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