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Prospecting and lead development aimed at Chief Learning Officers, L&D executives and other HR decision makers

MarketLauncher has worked with several major players in the Leadership Development, Corporate Learning and Training space. Our clients have ranged from highly specialized professional services to software platform solution providers.

Our prospecting and lead development helps companies reach executive-level buyers to create new opportunities for business growth.

Case Study: Custom designed games & simulations training firm

MarketLauncher worked with a training firm that designs and develops unique gaming and simulation programs to improve business acumen for organizations all over the world.

How We've Helped

  • MarketLauncher researched and nurtured prospect lists to generate appointments with qualified prospects.
  • The client relied on the MarketLauncher team to test multiple marketing messages with their target audience/s and adjust their messaging based on results.

Case Study: Behavior & change management consulting firm

MarketLauncher worked with a consulting firm that helps companies get measurable results by changing behavior in the organization. The client needed a partner who could provide list development, appointment setting, event promotion and ongoing nurture campaigns to keep the firm top-of-mind in their target market.

How We've Helped

  • The MarketLauncher team conducted outbound calling to a robust list of viable executive contacts, reaching an average of 90 potential decision makers each month and booking meetings with qualified prospects.
  • The client credits the MarketLauncher team for many of their largest new business wins.
  • MarketLauncher also helped the client evaluate where their message is getting lift in the market versus a lower interest and used this data to refine their go-to-market strategy.

Case Study: Corporate learning content platform

MarketLauncher worked with a client in Corporate Learning who relies on an Account Based Marketing approach. The client’s sales directors focus on a small group of top priority accounts, and they needed an additional resource to maintain personalized outreach to the remainder of the addressable market.

How We've Helped

The MarketLauncher team provided five key functions:

  1. Identifying net new decision makers inside each account
  2. Pushing out thought leadership content and following up to gauge interest and current needs
  3. Developing inbound leads scored through an email automation campaign
  4. Booking introductory meetings with prequalified prospects for the Sales Directors
  5. Pulling prospects back into a nurture campaign if they do not move forward in the sales cycle

After two years, the MarketLauncher team converted 26% of the target accounts into introductory meetings for the Sales Directors, resulting in $5M+ additional dollars added to the sales pipeline. For the full picture of what we achieved, download a sample report. 

Client Stories