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The MarketLauncher team has worked with multiple types of service and technology companies in the healthcare and life sciences space:

  • Referral Management Software
  • Medical Device
  • Patient Access Solution
  • HCIT Solutions
  • Healthcare SaaS platform
  • Accounts Receivable Management Services

Read below for examples of how we helped these companies.

Case Study: Referral Management Software

MarketLauncher works with the nation’s leader in referral management technology, the only referral management platform that is fully integrated into leading electronic medical records. The platform has been selected as the referral management system of record by over 100 hospitals nationwide. Deployed as a cloud-based service, the technology helps organizations more effectively manage their own referrals by better matching patients to resources based on clinical need, urgency/availability, and insurance type.

How We've Helped

  • MarketLauncher helped the client penetrate the market through a campaign to secure meetings with decisions makers in small community hospitals (100-250 beds), large academic medical centers (>1,000 beds) and Accountable Care Organizations
  • The MarketLauncher team tested market potential in key sub segments including: large Urgent Care chains, Medicare Shared Savings Program, and 340b covered entities

Case Study: Medical Device Manufacturer

MarketLauncher works with the #1 medical alert service in the United States that serves over 7 million subscribers and leads the industry in innovations.

How We've Helped

  • MarketLauncher has been conducting an outreach campaign to healthcare professionals in the client’s referral network to re-activate referrers who had gone dormant
  • The team cleaned up the client’s database, replacing 40% of invalid data with new verified contacts within the first four months
  • MarketLauncher reached nearly 20% of total contacts, reactivating 50% as a referral source
  • The team collected intel about the referral process which has helped the client increase referrals from healthcare professionals with a large patient population of candidates for medical alert devices

Case Study: Patient Access Solution

MarketLauncher provided lead development for a suite of Patient Access solutions with the industry’s most complete and current answers on patient coverage, liability, and demographics, plus real-time authorization requirements and status. The client leads the industry in verifying patient information, financially approving and clearing patients, predicting payment and automating the Medicaid approval process.

How We've Helped

  • MarketLauncher targeted CFOs of the 750 largest for-profit hospitals and hospital systems
  • The team identified decision makers responsible for the entire revenue cycle, keying in on their concerns over a diminishing financial situation

Case Study: Healthcare IT (HCIT) Solutions

MarketLauncher has worked with a global provider of Health Care Information Technology (HCIT) solutions, providing lead development for the client’s Laboratory Information Solution and Imaging Solution software.

How We've Helped

The MarketLauncher team targeted a range of titles including:

  • Lab Directors / Managers
  • CEO, COO and Practice Manager
  • Clinical Services Manager
  • VP and Director of IT or Information Systems Manager  

Case Study: IT Security and Regulatory Compliance

MarketLauncher has worked with a leading provider of IT Security and Regulatory Compliance Solutions for healthcare organizations.

How We've Helped

The MarketLauncher team targeted a range of titles in multiple sectors including:

  • CTO, CIO, CISO, VP of IT, Compliance
  • CEO, CFO, COO in smaller organziations
  • Hospitals and Healthcare Covered Entities which do business with Business Associates (BA’s)

Case Study: Healthcare SaaS Platform

MarketLauncher has worked with a healthcare IT company dedicated to improving the genetic test ordering process for the medical community.

How We've Helped

The MarketLauncher team targeted a range of titles, including:

  • Health Care Providers
  • Genetic Testing Labs
  • Hospitals – Lab Directors / Managers, COO, VP of Operations and Hospital Administrators

Case Study: Accounts Receivable Management Services

MarketLauncher has worked with a company that provides health care accounts receivable management services.

How We've Helped

The MarketLauncher team targeted a range of titles, including:

  • CFO
  • VP of Finance
  • Director of Patient Financial Services
  • Director of Patient Accounts
Client Stories