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Prospecting and market development of government agencies and contractors

MarketLauncher excels at helping companies who market and sell complex, technical services and products to public sector decision makers. MarketLauncher has worked with several major players that target the public sector space, ranging from consulting firms to IT providers.

Case Study: Gathering market intelligence for a civil engineering firm

A civil engineering firm was looking to proactively grow their Federal contract opportunities. The firm hired MarketLauncher to identify what agencies hired civil engineers, how the contracting process was executed, who the key decision makers within each agency, branch, division, or location were and where upcoming opportunities could be found.

Through extensive research, MarketLauncher built a comprehensive list of agency target offices and contacts within each office, then conducted interviews to gather market intelligence. ML developed an eighty-four page “How the Federal Government Hires Civil Engineers” paper,  including immediate opportunities identified and longer term strategies outlined for the client.

How We've Helped

Examples of contacts interviewed by MarketLauncher:

  • Louisiana National Guard / Contracting Officer
  • U.S. Army Corps of Engineers / Contracting Officer & Deputy for Small Business
  • U.S. Army Corps of Engineers / A/E Selection Coordinator
  • Department of the Navy / Field Contracting
  • Department of Veterans Affairs / Director, A/E Evaluation and Program Support Teams/Contracting Officer
  • Department of Veterans Affairs / Contract Specialist Officer – Healthcare Systems
  • General Services Administration / Project Manager, GSA Regional Property Management Division

Case Study: Identifying a potential growth market for a performance improvement consulting firm

MarketLauncher helped a firm that specializes in sales, service and coaching performance improvement solutions investigate branching into the Federal Market as a key growth strategy.

MarketLauncher developed a target market list of key Federal Agencies and assumed entry points; decision makers were contacted and “market research interviews” were conducted. The market research interviews were developed to understand what the long term implications would be of an ongoing strategy, in addition to being able to identify any “low hanging” fruit for an immediate growth opportunity. The market was deemed viable as a potential growth market and very specific Federal market penetration strategies were developed.

How We've Helped

Examples of meetings set by MarketLauncher:

  • Corporation for National and Community Service / Director Procurement Services
  • Department of Defense / Director, Operations & Personnel Support (OPS) Division
  • Dept. of Homeland Security (DHS) — US Coast Guard / Division Chief/CG-1112
  • Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) / Training Officer
  • US Agency For International Development / Training Specialist

Case Study: Creating an outreach campaign for an IT services provider

MarketLauncher worked with an Alaska-Native-owned small business that provides solutions in infrastructure and security systems, communications, information technology, and healthcare services. A recognized leader in the industry, this client has consistently been ranked as one of the Top 100 Federal Contractors.

MarketLauncher was retained to help the firm leverage the opportunities created as a result of the Federal Data Center Consolidation Initiative (FDCCI), which was launched in February 2010. The Federal CIO launched this initiative to reduce the overall cost of data center operations and energy consumption by federal agencies. The 2010 Milestones for this initiative were to produce data center asset inventory baselines and consolidation plans for the 24 CIO-Council agencies.

The initiative included a mandate that agencies must downsize the number of data centers by at least 800 by 2015. In 2012, in order for an agency to receive their budget for the following year, they had to identify at least three projects which could be moved off their server and into the cloud.

MarketLauncher conducted an outreach campaign to create awareness about our client’s capabilities, which could help federal agencies comply with the new mandate.

How We've Helped

Examples of meetings set by MarketLauncher:

  • Department of Education / Chief Enterprise Architect, Office of CIO
  • US General Services Administration, OCIO / Senior Agency Information Security Officer (IS)
  • Nuclear Regulatory Commission, U.S. / Infrastructure Services Planning Team Leader
  • Department of Energy / CIO
  • Department of Health and Human Services / HHS Deputy Chief Information Officer
  • United States Department of Defense / Program Director, Program Executive Office, GIG Enterprise Services
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