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MarketLauncher helps you better leverage the investment you have made in an industry event or sponsored trade show.

Most companies take a passive approach when they should be taking better advantage of the “captive audience” at a trade show or webinar.

For businesses that rely on an event strategy as an integral part of their integrated marketing effort, ensuring a high return on investment is paramount. MarketLauncher works with our clients to develop strategies to maximize business development opportunities.

These strategies include:

  • Working with our clients to create their own sponsored event – live or webinar – to increase awareness, secure attendees and ensure post-event opportunities
  • Securing attendees to a company-sponsored event at an off-site location that is coinciding with an industry-wide event, maximizing the presence of a desired target audience
  • Generating one-on-one new business development meetings to take place at a sponsored industry event or trade show
  • Developing marketing messages to facilitate pre- and post-event communication, building mailing lists and creating event invitation lists

By utilizing our expertise and ability to execute quickly, MarketLauncher clients are able to maximize the opportunity to get key messages and information in front of a wider audience in a condensed timeframe.


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Some Examples of How We've Helped Clients Leverage Events

Increasing ROI on industry trade events

MarketLauncher worked with a training industry client to help leverage an industry trade show attended by high-level decision makers. As presenters, the client received the list of attendees one week prior to the event. During that five-day period, the team was able to secure 16 one-on-one meetings to take place at the two-day conference. The end result was a greater ROI on the trade show budget in addition to developing relationships with target market companies, which represent a prime buying opportunity.

Driving attendance to major company events

For a client specializing in providing consulting services for the banking and financial services industry, MarketLauncher targeted key executive-level decision makers to drive attendance to fee-based events. For those not able to attend, the MarketLauncher team was able to secure one-on-one meetings to initiate dialogue and begin to establish a business relationship.