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Prospecting and lead development targeting operations execs and other buyers across manufacturing & distribution

MarketLauncher provides B2B sales lead development for companies selling technology and services that optimize manufacturing operations. We develop an in-depth knowledge of our clients’ business and product and execute targeted outreach that focuses sales activity on pre-qualified prospects.

Case Study: Freight management logistics provider

MarketLauncher works with an integrated logistics provider with solutions for moving and managing freight across North America. The client's focus is on making customers more successful in their end-markets by applying talented and motivated people, proven processes and cutting-edge technologies to help companies optimize supply chain management.

How We've Helped

  • While a large inside team handles the transactional business, the client brought in the MarketLauncher team to handle prospecting efforts for the Supply Chain business.
  • This more complex business was previously handled by firm principles, but the client set up a new sales organization to handle these sales.
  • The new sales team had good product knowledge, but was starting from scratch with no pipeline or database.
  • MarketLauncher provided the resources to define and develop the addressable market and develop leads to drive opportunities into the sales pipeline.
Client Stories