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MarketLauncher specializes in prospecting for complex sales scenarios.

We Help B2B Technology Companies Find New Prospects & Grow Sales

We have established a solid niche working with companies across a broad range of technology solutions from software to IT consulting. The MarketLauncher team has the most impact when working with clients who target a high-level decision maker for which a needs assessment initially defines them as a prospect. In most of our client companies, the business development effort is driven by a knowledge-based sales executive, and MarketLauncher's programs are designed to leverage those individuals by allowing them to focus their time on pre-qualified prospects.

Case Study: Improving Lead Generation for a Pricing Solution Software Platform

MarketLauncher is helping the Client drive an Account Based Marketing approach for a complex, high-tech sale aimed to global companies.

The Need

The Client was executing a highly customized Account Based Marketing strategy aimed at a core group of 60 companies selected based on very specific customer-profile criteria. The Client conducted research on key executives within each target account and built custom content to address relevant needs.

The Experience

The MarketLauncher team conducted follow up via phone and email to engage with executives after they received the customized content. A key learning in the pilot program was that the custom content needed to be created a stage later in the outreach cycle. As the team was calling into the target companies, they were learning that oftentimes the executive who was originally targeted with the custom content was not the correct decision maker, so what was intended as warm follow up became cold outreach.

The Impact

MarketLauncher took key learnings from the pilot program and shifted to a multi-staged approach. The team now conducts outreach to learn the true organizational structure of each account and focuses on building up intel on each company. All contacts are receiving a cadence of thought leadership content from the client’s marketing team. The MarketLauncher team then conducts personalized follow up to directly engage and nudge these leads deeper into the funnel until they are ready to meet with sales. In addition, the MarketLauncher team conducts inbound lead development on all reactors to the digital marketing campaign.

Case Study: Meeting Sales Goals for a Fleet Management Service Provider

MarketLauncher worked with one of the first and most innovative providers of fleet management services in the U.S., before being purchased by a competitor in 2012 after achieving significant market penetration with MarketLauncher’s help.

The Need

The Client had two primary sales objectives that drove their need for MarketLauncher’s expertise:  

  1. Increase the volume of qualified appointments generated for the sales team each month  
  2. Better understand the full scope of the market and the “sweet spot” in the ideal customer profile  

The Experience

The MarketLauncher team quickly learned the conditions and needs of the Client’s specific market (i.e. long sales cycles and the need for a “consultative approach” to sales) along with their unique value proposition. This translated into the team’s ability to identify and set meetings with high-level decision makers within the client’s targeted account list. MarketLauncher became a trusted partner to the client by managing their pipeline and nurturing prospects, which freed up the Client’s sales team to close business and onboard new customers.

The Impact

In addition to a steadily growing sales pipeline, MarketLauncher’s efforts uncovered prospects which became two of the client’s largest customers — representing significant revenue gains. The MarketLauncher team’s research and weekly reporting also helped the client gain a clearer understanding of their ideal prospects and the marketplace in general.

“There are two things more than any other that set MarketLauncher apart – their metrics-based approach and their ability to translate those metrics into meaningful reports that provide concrete insights. They were always extremely responsive and collaborative which was a perfect fit for us.”
– Senior VP of Sales and Marketing, Fleet Management Service Provider
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