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MarketLauncher has created a unique virtual environment for our firm. There is no physical location, everyone works from their own home-based office.

Equipped with phone line, high speed internet and remote access to a shared server environment, project teams are able to work effectively together on assigned accounts. Meetings are held via conference call, and email/telephone is used extensively to communicate and disseminate information. Through email and Instant Messenger, project members are able to share objectives, brainstorm ideas, ask for help or feedback (and engage in the occasional water cooler chit chat you’d find in any other office).

ML is not a large call-center, telemarketing operation; rather the firm takes a consultative approach and works with clients who operate in a sophisticated sales environment. Therefore, consultants working on ML projects come from a variety of backgrounds and average 15-20 years or more in consultative sales or influential marketing positions.

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