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MarketLauncher works with companies to develop consistent lead generation programs targeting senior level decision makers in a variety of business areas including finance, operations, marketing, human resources, technology, quality/process improvement and learning/development.

Our lead generation program is designed to identify and confirm decision makers at target companies – names, titles, and contact information including email – and generate direct decision maker responses.

This is accomplished by:

  • Conducting industry market research and building a comprehensive list of target companies
  • Confirming target companies and identifying decision makers
  • Pre-qualifying prospects based on need and interest
  • Utilizing market research dialogue to gain market intelligence
  • Generating market assessment reports, market trends, key prospect indicators, competitive threats

By identifying potential opportunities and establishing interest, companies are able to focus on the latter stages of the sales cycle – achieving greater return simply as a result of exposure to qualified, actionable sales opportunities – directly impacting the bottom line.

The outcome of working with ML: Acceleration of an already successful growth strategy – which translates to faster growth and higher revenues.


Results: Impacting Sales Growth

Targeting high-level decision makers at Fortune 1000 companies nationwide, MarketLauncher worked with a training solutions provider to pre-qualify targets based on specific selection criteria and converted a portion to immediate and future…

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