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“When momentum matters and your knowledge of the market is uncertain, ML is the perfect choice. There is no better firm to launch a product or move into a new market than MarketLauncher. There is no better firm to target the C suite. There is no better firm in the country! Despite any market challenges, they will generate momentum rapidly!”

Vice President of Marketing, Global Provider of Health Care Information Technology Solutions

MarketLauncher provides New Market Assessments to assist clients in answering key questions related to growth strategies while simultaneously identifying new business opportunities.

Our ongoing, high-level assessments allow our clients to consistently penetrate the market for the purpose of identifying new business opportunities including new product development, competitive make-up, pricing, brand awareness and/or potential partnerships.

This is accomplished by:

  • Conducting research to build targeted lists on potential growth “test” verticals
  • Conducting telephone outreach and a primary research campaign to the identified companies to construct a picture of the market landscape
  • Determining the market’s needs, pain points, drivers
  • Identifying any potential leads for immediate opportunities and building a pipeline of potential leads for the future
  • Developing a Market Assessment report analyzing market viability and potential

By using ML, our clients ensure that the market is consistently mined for critical information so that sales and executive teams can focus on delivering their core service.


Results: Shaping Go-to-Market Strategies

MarketLauncher helped a government, risk and compliance software provider launch their Sarbanes-Oxley solution. The pilot program focused on gathering market intelligence to allow this venture-backed firm to establish a viable forecast and…

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MarketLauncher Programs are designed to help our clients find the right new business opportunities.

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