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Marketing Intelligence Support

MarketLauncher marketing intelligence support programs provide clients with information needed to make key strategic decisions and take action in their business.

ML’s core methodologies for business development are designed around capturing and analyzing market intelligence, as well as assessing the needs within a potential target market. These capabilities, combined with access to a number of renowned research resources, position ML as a unique choice for companies looking to explore new growth opportunities through a marketing intelligence effort.

Opportunities include:

  • Exploring ideas for new product/service development
  • Competitive insights
  • Pricing strategies
  • Ascertaining brand awareness
  • Evaluating potential partnerships
  • Understanding customer & potential customer objectives
  • Identifying new growth verticals/geographies

Market intelligence is needed to make strategic decisions about if, how, when and why to pursue desired growth markets. ML has worked with a number of companies through third-party interview campaigns designed to capture critical marketing intelligence for strategic decision making.


Results: Gaining Actionable Intelligence

MarketLauncher helped a global engineering consultancy and software provider to the electric utility industry kick start their release of a new product offering and secured appointments for the sales team. In addition,…

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MarketLauncher Programs are designed to help our clients find the right new business opportunities.

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