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When you invest valuable resources into setting up an industry event or sponsoring a trade show, you want to be sure you are getting as much out of the opportunity as possible. Most companies take a passive approach when they should be taking better advantage of the “captive audience.”

For businesses that rely on an event strategy as an integral part of their integrated marketing effort, ensuring a high return on investment is paramount. Working with our clients over time, MarketLauncher has developed strategies to help create these necessary business development opportunities.

These strategies include:

  • Working with our clients to create their own sponsored event – live or Webinar – to increase awareness, secure attendees and ensure post-event opportunities
  • Securing attendees to a company-sponsored event at an off-site location that is coinciding with an industry-wide event, maximizing the presence of the desired target market in one area at one time
  • Generating one-on-one new business development meetings to take place at a sponsored industry event or trade show
  • Developing marketing messages to facilitate pre- and post-event communication, building mailing lists and creating event invitation lists

By utilizing our expertise, ML clients are able to maximize their ability to get key messages and information in front of a wider audience in a condensed timeframe.


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