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Client Satisfaction Assessments

Oftentimes, strategic plans are put in place based solely on assumptions about the current client base; for instance, introducing a new service line based on feedback from just a few clients with no knowledge about what total percentage of the client base has a defined need for that service.

MarketLauncher has found that by conducting Customer Quality Assessment surveys, our clients are able to save time, effort and money by challenging those assumptions and adjusting plans based on actual customer feedback.

Through these assessments, we are typically able to determine:

  • Relevance of specific decision-making criteria
  • Potential areas of concern for which immediate action is needed
  • New opportunities for future work prospects
  • Client satisfaction measurements and actions which appear to have the most impact
  • How/where to impact preference to decrease “lost opportunity” ratios
  • Key employees identified for recognition of outstanding performance and/or possible areas of concern
  • Favorable quotes from satisfied customers to be used in future marketing efforts

Conducted in a professional and timely manner, the one-on-one exchange with the client provides an opportunity to educate your client about new service offerings, determine if a competitor is siphoning off funds, identify any quality issues that need to be addressed, and most importantly, learn about upcoming needs that you are in a unique position to fulfill.


Results: Affecting Customer Satisfaction

MarketLauncher worked with an architectural design firm specializing in education, healthcare and corporate interiors, implementing an in-depth Client Quality Assessment survey among the firm’s client base and provided insight and recommendations which…

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