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Shaping Go-to-Market Strategies

Launching a New Service Offering

MarketLauncher helped a government, risk and compliance software provider launch their Sarbanes-Oxley solution. The pilot program focused on gathering market intelligence to allow this venture-backed firm to establish a viable forecast and better understand the competitive landscape. Simultaneous to the market research effort, the pilot program was designed to identify immediate opportunities and convert to sales appointments. As a result of the market assessment, the client set a two-year forecast, and ML consistently pursued this finite market, converting prospects by targeting them on a timely cycle.

Expanding Geographically

ML helped a leading architectural design firm increase their penetration of the Fortune 1000 market outside their previous Midwest based geographic scope. A program was designed to target prospective companies in various regions, identify appropriate decision makers and secure introductory meetings for our client to present a capabilities overview.

Market Assessment for New Service Offering

ML conducted an assessment to evaluate market readiness for an engineering firm’s proposed construction advisory services. Interviews were conducted with 35% of the market, and data was gathered and analyzed to provide a comprehensive market assessment, including recommendations and strategies for bringing the service offering to market.

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