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Maximizing Digital Campaigns

Using email to increase site traffic and generate leads

MarketLauncher works with a Silicon Valley full-service provider of embedded systems design services. A recent blog on their web site promoted an off-beat invention that demonstrated the firm’s expertise. MarketLauncher sent out an email to an active database promoting the blog. As a result, we got a 2% call-to-action response which resulted in 9 meetings booked with new business prospects. In addition, the day the email went out a new record was set for daily traffic on the client’s site.

Turning Webinars into Lead Generators

A MarketLauncher client specializing in new product innovation implemented industry-specific webinars as part of their growth strategy. As their strategic partner, ML worked on a two-fold effort to support their webinars: ML pre-promoted the webinar to gain attendees and then did post-follow up with all registrants/attendees utilizing a “customer service approach.” The strategy resulted in doubling the lead generation conversion ratio for the year, meaning deeper market penetration and more qualified sales leads for the client.

Inviting the “Real” Decision Makers to Digital Events

A large multi-media conglomerate was about to release a major study to the retail banking industry. Despite releasing this study annually, the client had never been able to penetrate the middle-tier companies which they saw as a key avenue for growth. ML developed and executed a program in seven business days to capitalize on a webinar already scheduled for the following week. The program was designed to build and verify a list of 300 contacts with purchasing power, with initial outreach/brand awareness conducted. The result was the highest attended webinar in company history PLUS additional immediate opportunities/interested prospects identified.

Utilizing Open and Click through Reports

ML worked with a leadership development company to follow-up after a mass email promo newsletter was released. The client provided the ML team with their open/click-through reports. ML then conducted a communications campaign that honed in on those who were predisposed and identified as potentially interested due to their interest in the initial email. Conversion ratios on these targeted campaigns often increased as a result.

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