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Generating Lead Flow

Finding and Getting in Front of More Qualified Prospects

A venture-funded software analytics and intelligence company wanted to accelerate new business growth and needed a mechanism for building brand awareness, harvesting the target market and creating both long-term and short-term new business opportunities. MarketLauncher developed a fully integrated marketing program designed to increase brand awareness, identify prospective new customers and accelerate their current sales process. During an annual program, ML booked 120 new business meetings with high level Fortune 1000 executives, averaging 20 per month.

Targeting High-Level Decision Makers

Working with a business lab & CEO community that elevates the focus and success of its member CEOs, ML has developed an aggressive campaign that targets CEOs in mid-size companies across the nation. Utilizing a sophisticated interview methodology, ML is able to get the CEO’s attention and then convert the CEO into a new business meeting opportunity. During each quarterly campaign cycle, nearly 200 interviews are secured and booked for the client.

Annual Campaign

ML worked with a leading supplier of commodities management software, systems and services. The client provided integrated front-, middle-, and back-office solutions to traders, trading management, purchasing and IT offices at major oil companies, investment banks, shipping concerns, energy companies, utilities and other trading organizations around the world. Over the course of an annual program, ML booked more than 100 sales appointments.

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