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“Bottom line is this – ML was willing to go beyond the script, develop their own messaging, and do their own thinking about what they’ve learned. They are really a partner at figuring out what the optimal message is to get results.”

Vice President, Enterprise Communications Management Company

MarketLauncher helped a global engineering consultancy and software provider to the electric utility industry kick start their release of a new product offering and secured appointments for the sales team. In addition, ML collected data from the target market to help the client forecast future sales potential. A market assessment report was produced to provide details from the pilot effort to help determine what kind of scenarios were best linked to potential interest in the client’s new product offering.

Expanding into the Federal Government Market

A civil engineering firm was looking to proactively grow their Federal contract opportunities. ML was hired to identify: agencies that hired civil engineers; how the contracting process was executed; key decision makers within each agencies branches/divisions/locations; and upcoming opportunities. Through extensive research, ML built a comprehensive list of agency target offices and contacts within each office. Interviews were conducted to gather market intelligence. An eighty-four page “How the Federal Government hires Civil Engineers” was developed that included immediate opportunities identified in addition to longer-term strategies outlined.

Geographic Expansion

When an Orlando-based civil engineering firm began to consider a geographic expansion, ML conducted a comprehensive assessment of the public and private sector to provide the client with key indicators relative to growth in the market. Based on the comprehensive market assessment provided by ML, the client is currently seeking an acquisition in a targeted area.

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