Accelerate Your Growth Strategy

Affecting Customer Satisfaction

Five-Year Planning Insight

MarketLauncher worked with an architectural design firm specializing in education, healthcare and corporate interiors, implementing an in-depth Client Quality Assessment survey among the firm’s client base and provided insight and recommendations which became a critical piece in the firm’s five-year planning session.

Impacting Company Growth

ML worked as an ongoing third-party independent partner for recent client wins and lost opportunity interview evaluation for a leading construction industry software solutions provider. Each year, the client’s sales, marketing and product teams met to turn key learnings into future action plans that impacted company growth.

Identifying Company Wide Initiatives

ML implemented a Win/Loss evaluation program on behalf of an auditing firm. Each year, ML interviewed all recent new client wins and new business losses, culminating all of the key findings in marketing intelligence reports that compare/contrast each year’s data. As a result, the client set new annual initiatives to impact brand perception and new business acquisition rates.

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