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4 Strategies to Accelerate Your Sales Pipeline

Written by: Tricia Washington


2017 is well underway. If you want to hit your sales goals by the end of the year, it’s critical to make sure that you are putting lead generation programs in place today. Here are four targeted campaigns you can implement to jump start your lead pipeline and impact sales growth this year:

1. Case Study Campaign

Everyone loves to hear a success story and better yet, inserting themselves into the story and determining how it would apply to them. Case studies can quickly illustrate how your services impact your potential customers. Developing and repurposing a case study is a successful way to generate content quickly that will fuel your marketing efforts.

Think about your most successful story from the past two years and dissect that story. Tell your audience what happened and what the outcomes were. Share the details regarding the challenge, the results and the impact.

Who is this case study going to be attractive to? Who will envision themselves in that scenario? Determine the audience and those who will be able to relate to this case study. From there, build a campaign that repurposes that content over and over. Offer the case study via a landing page, write a blog, post outcomes on your social media sites and email your targeted audience directly. Leverage your various content vehicles to push your message out to your target market.

2. High Value Target Campaign

High Value Targets are different than your general market. There is a compelling reason to believe there is significant potential to work together. Examples include people you’ve worked with before, companies you’ve worked with before, social media connections, companies where you have significant intelligence or they’ve been in the news. It’s critical to break through the noise and make a personal connection that drives the lead deeper into the sales funnel.

Often you assume that you don’t have to be proactive with this group and that if they have a need, they will reach out. It’s just not true. Often times, prospects are reaching out to the last company who contacted them. Proactive outreach is still required or you may miss out on an opportunity.

You want to define criteria for building a list of High Value Targets. Keep it narrow so that they all have something in common. You can always design several High Value campaigns throughout the year. Be specific – your buckets should be strategically focused and the campaign should be as well.

3. 90 Day Sprint Campaign

The idea here is to create a quick hit program aimed at a specific market segment that capitalizes on a hot time of year and repeatedly communicate in a condensed timeframe. The timing and frequency is key.

Are there specific industries you want to go after and test? Is there a specific geography that you want to expand your footprint within? Is there a specific time of year where the buying cycle heats up?

Develop a highly targeted and succinct message over this 90 day timeframe. Design frequent and multiple touch points during the 90 Day Sprint. A 90 Day Sprint can provide quick results at an accelerated tempo and ultimately drive a longer term strategy.

4. In Your Area Campaign

The idea on this strategy is to leverage other business activities. For example, are your sales reps already traveling, is there a trade show event, or is there an upcoming sales team meeting or retreat? Is your CEO going to specific markets? Create specific campaigns around what you are doing as an organization and increase the return on your spend by generating more business development activity in conjunction.

Capitalize on the opportunity for face-to-face communications and interaction by executing a targeted In Your Area campaign. The goal is to strengthen relationships and open the door to developing a new business opportunity accordingly.

Through these programs, you can accelerate lead flow. Each campaign is based on the idea of identifying a specific segment of your target market and then tailoring content accordingly. Push your message out directly through outreach, track who is reacting and engage to push them deeper into the pipeline. It often takes a focused and targeted effort to hone in on the right company at the right time with the right message and these are four specific ideas that will help you do just that.

Now that’s the art and science of it.

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