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A company’s values are the critical elements that you want your company to stand for, and just like a person’s own individual values, those convictions will guide the decisions you make. Specifically, a company’s values should guide the kind of people you want to hire and reward in the organization.

To keep the team aligned with a common purpose, the MarketLauncher corporate values are heavily promoted and recognition is frequently given when that alignment is achieved.

The values that MarketLauncher applies to our organization are as follows:


Our team members are committed to making ML a place of top-notch performance and are focused on achieving the best possible outcomes for our clients.


“ML is extremely proactive from the perspective of always wanting to improve, and they are very responsive in getting interested prospects to us immediately. ML has also been very creative in crafting a solution that will work for us.”

President, Award-Winning Provider of Discovery Learning Solutions

Our team members understand that their performance impacts other members of the team and are committed to doing their part to achieve the goals. Going above and beyond to meet a client’s needs is a common practice at ML and one that clients often mention during our quality assessment surveys.


The people who thrive in our environment seem to be those who are always looking for ways to improve and appreciate new challenges. We never rest on our laurels with our clients either – even when a client is happy, we always look for ways to improve the outcomes of our programs and how we analyze and report information.


We truly value a sense of humor and find that we gravitate to those who know how to enjoy themselves at work. As such, we also strive to go out of our way to ensure our clients find working with us a pleasure.


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