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MarketLauncher has created a unique environment for our firm. There is no physical location.  All Associates work from their own home-based office. We consider our virtual “office” a competitive advantage. We are able to apply a high level of talent to our programs, and we are consistently told by clients who have used other firms that the quality of our work far surpasses their experience with any of our competitors. As a result, ML is able to maintain a focus on quality when it comes to delivering our account programs.

Many of our consultants are individuals who left the corporate world and were looking for an opportunity to continue to use and hone their professional skills but wanted the flexibility of a part-time, consulting position. As a result, our clients benefit from high-level talent that is not cost-prohibitive because they are only paying for a portion of the individual’s time resulting in a win/win/win for our team members, our firm and our clients.

Firm Leaders

Lara Triozzi

Lara Triozzi - CEO

As the CEO of MarketLauncher, Lara Triozzi might better be described as the Chief Inspiration Officer. She is the visionary who gets clients and ML team members excited about what can be and then finds…Read More

Mary White

Mary White - Director of Account Management

Mary White does not like to be bored, which is why she spent more than a decade producing and reporting news stories – and also why she is ideally suited for her ever-expanding responsibilities with…Read More

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MarketLauncher works with industry-veteran sales and marketing professionals averaging 15+ years of experience to execute on client projects as assigned.

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