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“ML made some big promises, and I was originally skeptical that they would be able to produce what was promised. They DID deliver, and now they are a true strategic partner. I believe in them so strongly that I include them on OUR website.”

Co-Founder, Sales Consulting Services

MarketLauncher specializes in working with professional service and technology solution providers requiring a knowledge-based, consultative sales approach targeting a sophisticated buyer.

ML has established a solid niche working with clients in the following industries:

  • Management consulting and service providers
    • Tax planning and accounting
    • Performance improvement and learning
    • Process management and workflow
  • Mission-critical enterprise software and IT consulting
    • Business intelligence
    • Optimization
    • Data analytics
    • Supply chain
  • Construction related services
    • Architecture and engineering design
    • Geotechnical and environmental
    • Specialized construction management
    • Facilities infrastructure support services

What all of these industries have in common is that their services are primarily sold through a process that targets a high-level decision maker for which a needs assessment initially defines them as a prospect. In most of ML’s client companies, the business development effort is driven by a key principal or knowledge-based executive, and ML’s programs are designed to leverage those individuals by focusing their time on pre-qualified prospects.


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