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“ML is working with us on several different projects, and they customize everything for our needs. It starts with them being great listeners and just flows from there. I think they are terrific, and they have been so effective for us. ML is really wonderful to work with.”

-Sales Leader, Award-Winning Provider of Discovery Learning Solutions

MarketLauncher, Inc. is a highly specialized, boutique firm providing lead generation and market research for professional service firms and technology solution providers. Founded in May of 2001, the firm’s focus has stayed consistent in helping clients exploit growth opportunities in the US and abroad.

Companies that work with ML are looking for opportunities to grow or to focus on their most profitable business opportunities – often by launching a new product, expanding geographically or just increasing the volume of their highest yielding sales opportunities. By capitalizing on the experience and expertise of the ML team, a company can push for growth without pulling resources from its core business. This allows a company to test market a new idea or growth opportunity, or create consistent lead flow, with minimal investment.

ML works with clients to penetrate deeper into markets for existing services or introduce new offerings to the marketplace. ML has two distinct competitive advantages:

  • ML’s team of highly experienced, former sales executives who have the ability to understand the requirement of an accurate needs assessment when identifying a prospect.
  • ML’s process that ensures critical data is captured from all points of contact at each target company. Each data point is captured and then enhanced as the team makes its way through the various contacts within each organization. This data is then compiled, coded, analyzed and summarized in a way that allows the client to make key strategic decisions based on market realities.

To read more about the talented members of the ML team, visit our bios section.

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